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If you see SWM in a job description…….Run

22 November 2016

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A couple of years ago, I was invited in to meet a potential client to talk about a new role.

We talked for over an hour about the role, their requirements, culture, structure, the usual stuff. Then I asked about a job description and……silence.

“We can show it to you but it’s not to share with candidates until it’s been tweaked.”

Strange I thought and then I started to read it.

At the bottom, in the person spec was the abbreviation SWM.

The health and safety profession is full of acronyms and I’d like to think I know most of them but this was a new one. “I’ve never seen this before” I said. “What does SWM stand for?”

“Straight, White,  Male……Of course, this isn’t what we want. It’s just what our clients expect of us” they both said in unison.

And we didn’t take things any further.

The end.

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