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The 20 toughest interview questions for 2017

27 March 2017

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The 20 toughest interview questions for 2017

You’ve prepared all the questions you think the interviewers could possibly ask but it doesn’t make any difference – they come out with something completely off the wall. What do you do? Bear in mind the key skills required for the job and answer honestly, of course (while still portraying yourself in the best light possible).

Leading job site Glassdoor sifted through tens of thousands of interview questions shared by UK job seekers over the last 12 months to uncover the 20 toughest job interview questions. 

Preparing answers to these tricky questions could mean your next job interview is less of an ordeal.

1) “What on your CV is the closest thing to a lie?” 

2) “What am I thinking right now?”

3) “How would your enemy describe you?”

4) “If you had a friend who was great for a job and an identical person who was just as good, but your friend earned you £2,000 less, who would you give the job to?”

5) “What’s the most selfish thing you’ve ever done?”

6) “You are stranded on the moon with a group of other astronauts and you need to travel 200 miles back to base, here is a list of 15 items salvaged from the wreckage of the spacecraft you were travelling in. List them in order of importance.”

7) “If your best friend was here what advice would he give you?”

8) “Describe your biggest weakness. Then describe another.”

9) “How do you cope with repetition?”

10) “How would you describe cloud computing to a seven year old?”

11) “There are three people, each with different salaries, and they want to find the average of them without telling any of the other two their salary. How do they do it?”

12) “Who is your hero, and why?”

13) “What’s your biggest regret managing people so far?”

14) “What would you ask the CEO if you met him one day?”

15) “You have 50 red and 50 blue objects.  Split these however you like between two containers to give the minimum/maximum probability of drawing one of the colours.”

16) “What does social justice mean to you?”

17) “What is your coping mechanism when you have a bad day?”

18) “Are you a nice guy?”

19) “Provide an estimate for the number of goals in the premier league.”

20) “Tell me about your childhood.”

They’re tough, right? How would you feel if you got asked one of these questions in an interview?

The good news is that stats show a link between a rigorous interview process and employee happiness. Studies reveal that a 10% harder interview process leads to 2.6% higher employee satisfaction later on. It’s thought that this increase in job fulfillment is because tougher interviews create better job matches, leading to an increase in job satisfaction. So if the interview is tough, don’t fret, the stats show that if you get offered the job, you’re more likely to enjoy it!

Have you had interview questions as hard as these? Why not post your toughest interview questions in the comments below?




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